Ontario Colleges Key Performance Indicators Survey

What do students at 24 Ontario colleges think of their schools? And what do employers think about the skills of college grads? To find out, Ontario’s colleges surveyed 122,500 students, 40,400 graduates and nearly 7,000 employers. > Who took part > How the survey was done > Highlights


Graduate employment rateGraduate satisfaction rateEmployer satisfaction rateGraduation rateStudent satisfaction rate (average of four student satisfaction questions)Student satisfaction: Useful knowledge and skillsStudent satisfaction: Quality of learning experiences • Student satisfaction: Quality of facilities and resources • Student satisfaction: Quality of services Click here for previous year’s results.

B.C. Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes Survey

What do students at 20 B.C. post-secondary institutions think of their schools? What do they think of the education and training they received? To find out, B.C. surveyed almost 16,000 former students. > Who took part > How the survey was done


How well did the program help develop your skills?Write clearly and conciselySpeak effectivelyWork effectively with othersAnalyze and think criticallyResolve issues or problemsUse mathematicsUse computersUse other tools and equipmentLearn on your ownRead and comprehend materials Student level of satisfaction with aspects of the program:Quality of instructionOrganization of programFair assessments (tests, papers) Amount of practical experienceTextbooks and learning materialsLibrary materials Availability of instructors outside class • Helpfulness of instructors outside classQuality of computers and software Quality of other tools and equipmentOverall satisfaction with studies Usefulness of training:Usefulness of training in getting new job (Arts and sciences programs)Usefulness of training in getting new job (Applied programs) Usefulness of skills/knowledge in performing job (Arts and sciences programs) • Usefulness of skills/knowledge in performing job (Applied programs)


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