Liveblogging the men’s halfpipe

Can anyone dethrone Shaun White?


This liveblogging event will begin at 10:15 p.m.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the men’s halfpipe finals, otherwise known as the Shaun White coronation ceremony. It’s a balmy four degrees. Justin L: the only Canadian up now.

Lamoureux had a very nice, very smooth run. Wow.

Koski: a last minute sub on the team knocks down the Canadian.

French Riders + team have painted on the French stereotype. Does he know that ain’t gonna watch off?

Board judges: interesting that they score more on landings than on size of air.

Scotty Lago: so good, the TSN guy gave him a, ‘whoa, dude…’

Bretz: 19 years old, youngest team member. What were you doing when you were 19?

Oh, I bet it wasn’t wiping out in an Olympian halfpipe, whatever it was…

Goofy-footed riders are the devil’s work.

IPOD! What a run.

Purple pants are the devil’s work as well.

Vito: the closest to be out from under White’s shadow. So bloody smooth. Lordy.

It’s amazing to see the progression in technique and difficult from four years ago. You wonder how it gets any better to watch…

The second runs are going to be absolutely huge, given the number of whiteouts…

Here goes…

God good. It’s surreal to watch that guy: he’s smooth as everyone else, just the tricks are so much bigger.

Lamoureux is still a contender. He just has to go huge next run…


Malin: death by double cork.


Bretz: yet another death by double cork. More likely that Lamoureux will own the podium by attrition.


Another death by cork! Lordy!


Kokubo: big ol’ McTwist coming up…

More cork death!


So many wipeouts…


Lovely (but corkless) run for Lamoureux.


No Canadian medal here.

Oh well. King Shaun!


Vito’s run: gorgeous. That seemed an awfully low score…


That run by Peetu was game changer. Amazing.


IPOD: this is the only game left. No medal.


More cork death. All hail King Shaun.


Goddam. Incredible. Double McTwist 1260. Bonkers.


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