That’s our Maxime


Maxime Bernier demonstrates for a French TV crew where he hides his car keys.

Near the start of the film, a camera crew follows Bernier as he tosses a bag into his car and drives himself to Parliament Hill. On his way, he stops his car so he can go for a morning jog before work. He parks the vehicle, and is seen leaving the keys on top of a front tire — his bag still inside the car. “Don’t show this to anyone,” Bernier says in French before taking off…

Bernier, who tells the film crew that he does not use a chauffeur or fly first class while on government business, told CTV News off-camera that the whole thing was just a joke. He also gave a statement to CTV News late Tuesday night, saying: “”I never carry any government documents in my personal car. My office and I comply with all Government of Canada security guidelines concerning the treatment and transportation of government documents.”

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